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Olio Novaro
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From a family tradition that starts in1860, by Olio Sasso (one of the italian historical companies of cooking oil), the Novaro family has always had one primary objective: the QUALITY.

From the past has inherited the passion for oil, the competence to know the organoleptic characteristics, the ability to know sift and choose the best products and manufacturers, the desire to share with others his selections, the knowledge to untangle in a market extremely varied in quality and demand.

Expertise, reliability and precision are the strongholds of product selection and the selection of the offer.
To celebrate 155 years of history of the Novaro Family, Novaro Oil presents its new brand line.

New look for the entire product range. An innovative look, young, attractive, exclusive and minimal.

Olio Novaro
G. Novaro & C. S.r.l., Via XXV Aprile 77,
18100 Imperia, P.IVA/CF: 01293410088
Photo by Phoslab

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