Histoy and origin of the Taggiasca olive

The Taggiasca olives
Round, with a color that changes from green to purplish-black depending on the degree of ripeness, with a delicious sweet taste and a slightly bitter aftertaste: at first glance, these would seem to be the characteristics of the Taggiasca olive, a typical product of western Liguria. However, few know the origins of Taggiasca olives, their history and the numerous properties of this small and delicious fruit from which many other Ligurian delicacies originate, such as Taggiasco oil, ideal for giving an extra boost to any dish.
On the Olio Novaro website you can find a wide range of Taggiasca olive-based products: Taggiasca olives in brine, pitted Taggiasca olives, Taggiasco oil, Riviera Ligure DOP certified Taggiasco oil.

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