The Novaro Company


Our premises since 1921

The Novaro olive oil company was founded in 1921 by Giuseppe Novaro and is now managed by Gianni and Luca Novaro together with a valuable group of staff. We have always been guided by the same business approach: to continuously respect those who use our oil, to make an effort to offer the best we can, to propose good and natural products, and present them as elegantly as possible. Today the Novaro company has two sites: – our Headquarters which has always been at number 56 Via Garessio in Imperia: here are our offices and our packaging plant. – our oil mill which is in Pontedassio, in the midst of the olive groves of the Oneglia valley.

Our Mill

Here is our mill.

It is located in via Nazionale 28, Pontedassio, 5 km north of Imperia.

The photo was taken at dusk: the work of the mill takes place, above all, in the evening and (unfortunately for us) at night: the olives harvested during the day arrive at the mill in the late afternoon and we try to mill all of them that same evening.

In the Valleys of Imperia

Our agricultural business

Another important part of our company is made up of “Sant’Andrea”, our agricultural company.

It manages several olive groves located in the hinterland of Imperia: both in the Oneglia Valley (the so-called Impero Valley) and the Porto Maurizio Valleys, as well as behind Diano Marina.

The olive groves located at different altitudes and characterized by different exposures. In total there are about 2000 olive trees. All of the Taggiasca variety.

Our agricultural company is the main supplier of olives to our mill.

100% Italian Olives

ALL bottles of Novaro extra virgin olive oil contain oil OBTAINED SOLELY WITH 100% ITALIAN, COLD PRESSED OLIVES.

Our annual production is around 70,000 bottles (of various capacities) of monocultivar Taggiasca and Riviera Ligure DOP extra virgin olive oil. – Riviera dei Fiori and approximately 180,000 bottles of Italian extra virgin olive oil.

All the extra virgin olive oil we bottle is produced with Italian olives and is cold pressed.

The extra virgin olive oil obtained from Taggiasche olives is almost exclusively pressed by us in our mill, while the oil obtained from other Italian Cultivars is produced by our suppliers’ mills located in the production area.

We also have oil of EU origin which we package in cans and which is intended for professional use (catering and restaurants).

In addition to the oils, we offer a wide range of Taggiasca olives, D.O.P. pesto, sauces and other products in oil. Finally, the Seafood Products, the Ligurian Ciappe (flat breads), the Sauces and the Passata (tomato sauce). The latest arrivals are the Organic Products, a reflection of our company philosophy that puts the health of the customer and the environment at its centre.

What we mean by quality

The word quality is widely used today, for our part the attention to quality translates as

Our products are sold both in Italy and imported by specialty food distributors in many countries around the world: Germany, France, Holland, Ireland … and most of the European countries; as well as the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea …